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CrossFit Group Class is the core to a great well rounded strength and conditioning program.  This class is designed to help people get more fit, more energy, and results!  This class will improve flexibility, strength, coordination, balance, endurance, accuracy, speed, stamina, and power through the utilization of functional movements executed at high intensity.  If you are looking for the ultimate fitness program, CrossFit Prescott Valley group class is for you!

Cost: $115 month to month or $100/mo with automatic payments


The CrossFit Prescott Valley Fitness Class is a blast!  If you are looking for a high energy, fat burning, cardio blasting good time, then this is the class for you!  You should expect body weight movements, kettlebells, dumbbells, rowers, jump ropes, and more to tighten, tone, and sculpt in a positive and engaging environment.  This class is a HIIT style class for either a beginner or an advanced athlete.  You should expect to sweat and have a great time, but don’t come looking for a scoreboard or a barbell, because you won’t find one in this class! Drop ins welcome!

$80/month or $20 add-on to group classes


The CrossFit kids program geared towards ages 3-6 and 7-12 is designed to teach children the functional movements in a FUN and safe environment. Kids will use little to no weight. Focus is centered around on moving their body, engaging in fun activities & games and learning about basic nutrition.

$25/month for ages 3-6
$40/month for ages 7-12


The CrossFit Teens program offers an opportunity for both new and experienced athletes, ages 13-17 to focus on strength and conditioning. The teens class will introduce the functional movements using light weights with a strong emphasis on mechanics and efficiency. Programming is age appropriate to deliver fun and intensity while gaining knowledge on proper nutrition, sports recovery and fundamentals for a healthy lifestyle.

$60/mo ages 13-17


This program is designed for an established athlete that has an interest in competitive fitness.  The Competitor’s program will require additional work outside of the normal group classes.  Things to expect in the competitive program will include advanced gymnastics skills and drills, additional weightlifting work, and identifying and targeting major individual weaknesses.  The majority of the competitors class will be CrossFit!  There is no replacement for community, therefore our competitors program will coincide with group classes.  Athletes will need to allow for an extra hour to their gym time to work additional competitive programs! Competitors will have meetings, workshops, and training camps throughout the year!


5-7am, 5:30 – 7:30pm


The All Access Pass get you access to any CrossFit Prescott Valley Program.  If you want access to it all, this is the plan for you!  Purchasing this pass will allow you to see all programming, admittance to all classes, with a discounted rate!

Cost: $150 (excludes competitor’s program)


The CrossFit Prescott Valley Endurance class is geared towards any client looking to develop a capacity in long distance workouts.  If you are interested in triathlons, Obstacle Course Races, Improving stamina and endurance, or anything in between, then this class is for you.  A participant in the endurance class will be exposed to mid range to long range workouts which could involve running, rowing, jumping, weightlifting, plyometrics, largely targeting development in aerobic capacity!

Cost: $75/month, $15 add-on to group class

“ There may be people who have more talent than you, but there’s no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not! CrossFit is a fitness program that gets you the results you want. We have skilled coaches that are ready to work with any and every fitness ability.

Yes! Our program is adaptable to all ages and abilities. We have scales, or modifications, for all movements that we use. No matter what the exercise calls for, we will have a way for you to get a great workout!

We have athletes of all ages from our youngest kids to our master’s athletes. All of our needs differ by degree, not kind. We all need the ability to pick things up, sit down, and put things on shelves. This is the foundation of our training program.

This varies from day to day; however we typically have 5-13 athletes in each class. This allows for a great coach to athlete ratio and ensures that you get the attention that you deserve each day.

CrossFit is a program that utilizes functional movements performed at high intensity. Each day there is a workout that is programmed by CrossFit Prescott Valley that will be different, exciting, challenging and rewarding.

These are movements that our bodies are designed to do. These are typically compound movements that utilize multiple joints and full range of motion. Through this type of training you will see improvements in flexibility, stamina, strength, endurance, balance, accuracy, speed, coordination, power, and agility.

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