I have been an athlete since the age of 6.  I remember the excitement I had when Mom and Dad would load me up in the car and drive me to the soccer field.  I have always loved sports and to be honest athletics came pretty naturally to me.  My whole family enjoyed athletics and sports were a large part of what we did, watched, and talked about.  As we grew, the sports became more serious and more specialized.  While I played basketball and volleyball, I really began to excel on the soccer field.  I found myself going away to college to play soccer for a small D-2 school.  While half way through my freshman season, I jumped over a defender.  I  landed awkwardly when I felt a pop and my knee buckle.  I quickly jumped up and tried to walk it off.  After one step and the knee buckling, I sat down and waited.  I waited for the inevitable news from the athletic trainer that I would need to get this checked out right away.  The next day, the trainer loaded me up in her car and drove me to the orthopedic doctor.  He did some tests on the table and ordered the MRI.  It was confirmed, I had a complete tear of the ACL, and a small tear of the MCL.

I went home to have the surgery, and after a lot of soul searching, I decided that I was going to move on from playing collegiate sports.  It wasn’t totally because of the injury, it just gave a good reason to move on.  You see, collegiate sports is a whole different thing.  You are always practicing, in team meetings, in the weight room.  I just needed a change because it was no longer fun.  So, I had the surgery and I didn’t return to the small D-2 school never to play competitively again.

So, here I was at 19 years old.  I just recovered from my surgery.  It was a long road to recovery, but not something that can’t be done, many athletes do it in record time now these days.  I went from playing collegiate sports to doing nothing.  I still ate the way I was used to when I was burning a ton of calories and I started to gain weight.  I went back to school in a new state, and while I there the weight gain increased.  I was a soccer player, so the one thing I knew how to do was R. U. N.  So that is what I started doing.  When I got married to my beautiful wife, we started to exercise together.  We attended boot camps, went on hikes, and started paying attention to our diet.  I lost a lot of weight and I began to plateau.  We lived in Alaska at the time and we heard of this program called CrossFit.  I went to check it out and was greeted by someone that was much more fit than me, and yet, he had this welcoming personality that encouraged me to take the chance and sign up (he is still a friend to this day).

I was confident when I started; after all, I had done a lot of things to get fit.  When I started the first day, I quickly realized that this was going to be a challenge.  I had never really lifted weights. As a soccer player, we did a lot of running and core work; however,  using a barbell was never done.  I had to learn how to do everything from deadlifts, presses, the clean, the snatch, and even how to squat.  It was hard, I was frustrated at times, but most importantly, I was engaged.  I liked the challenge.  It reminded me of athletics again. I forced myself to go to the gym and to get over other guys around me being able to lift 150 pounds more than me.  I gave it time and I learned to love it and I didn’t care what everyone else was doing.  I learned to do it for myself and my family.

I share this story because we all start in different places.  We get asked a lot as owners, “do I have to be fit to start CrossFit?”  The answer is NO!  We are a fitness studio, the idea that you have to be fit to start a fitness program wouldn’t make sense.  I know it may seem that I have a fitness background, but when I say I gained a lot of weight, I mean that!  I was over 220 pounds.  I was starting over from scratch, and it was difficult.  We have trained and worked with a variety of individuals with different backgrounds, ages, and professions from: CEO, business professional, stay at home mom, teacher, nurse, grandma, grandpa, the two year old, the tween, the teen, and the young adult.  We have something for everyone.

CFPV has a whole group of people who are motivating, friendly, and encouraging. You shouldn’t have to go it alone!

It is so rewarding to see families in the gym together, creating a healthy relationship with each other and their fitness.  I know it can be intimidating taking the first step to signing up; however, if you do, it can change your health and fitness for ever.  So, if you are a first time CrossFitter or thinking about signing up for the first time. Go ahead, click the button, and get started with us today!  You Can Do It!  We Can Help!