Smart Goal Setting

Goal Setting It is the new year and along with that you are probably thinking about making some changes for the better.  I like the new year because it is a new opportunity to start [...]

The Holiday How To

It is that time of year, Christmas!  This is a wonderful time of year. I for one, really enjoy Christmas.  It is a great time to fellowship with friends, families, and co-workers.  It is also [...]

My CrossFit Experience

I have been an athlete since the age of 6.  I remember the excitement I had when Mom and Dad would load me up in the car and drive me to the soccer field.  I [...]

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not! CrossFit is a fitness program that gets you the results you want. We have skilled coaches that are ready to work with any and every fitness ability.

Yes! Our program is adaptable to all ages and abilities. We have scales, or modifications, for all movements that we use. No matter what the exercise calls for, we will have a way for you to get a great workout!

We have athletes of all ages from our youngest kids to our master’s athletes. All of our needs differ by degree, not kind. We all need the ability to pick things up, sit down, and put things on shelves. This is the foundation of our training program.

This varies from day to day; however we typically have 5-13 athletes in each class. This allows for a great coach to athlete ratio and ensures that you get the attention that you deserve each day.

CrossFit is a program that utilizes functional movements performed at high intensity. Each day there is a workout that is programmed by CrossFit Prescott Valley that will be different, exciting, challenging and rewarding.

These are movements that our bodies are designed to do. These are typically compound movements that utilize multiple joints and full range of motion. Through this type of training you will see improvements in flexibility, stamina, strength, endurance, balance, accuracy, speed, coordination, power, and agility.

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