I have physically and mentally gotten stronger.
Gaby E
Chino Valley
I feel so much stronger mentally and physically. I can do things I would have never though I could. My energy level has increased so much. And I can pull myself up onto my horse. I honestly couldn’t have done it without the encouragement from the amazing coaches and members.
Erika G.
Prescott Valley
The coaching is fantastic and they really seem to care about each and every one of their members. Very warm and welcoming environment with great instruction and guidance by each of the coaches!. Each day I go to CrossFit is a win!
Tammy P
Prescott Valley
I am stronger mentally and physically. I have much more energy and less anxiety and I have met some amazing people.
Dezeray D
Prescott Valley
I am stronger and after only a few short months am noticing a change in my body composition and am dropping weight.
Tammy J
Chino Valley
I am stronger and more confident since I started. I love the comroderie of the gym and the coaches are awesome!
Bridget F
Dewey Arizona
I have become much stronger and leaner. CrossFit has pushed me out of my comfort zone and has pushed me to do things I never thought I could! I love the CrossFit community and we have the best gym!
Prescott Valley
I am amazed at the improvements I’ve seen with my strength, stamina and overall mental well-being. After little more then six months of being a member of CrossFit Prescott Valley I still feel challenged and a better perception of accomplishment.
Kenia P
Prescott Valley
Since starting Crossfit Prescott Valley, I have become more fit, eat healthier, and enjoy working out with the help and support of the coaches. On top of becoming an athlete again, the family and community of the members and coaches is what I look forward to each day.
Ashley T
Prescott Valley
I surprise myself every time I go to the gym with the amount of load I can lift and the intensity I bring to each workout. Some of the lifts and exercises I have never done before until now.
Alyssa F
Prescott Valley
The community is amazing. I was new to CrossFit when I started and everyone is friendly and motivating. I enjoy learning new movements and lifts.
Justin A
Prescott Valley
I have become very confident in myself and a strong women I didn’t know that was in me. Most of all the mental health the box has given me.
Tabatha Adams
Prescott Valley
I really enjoy the physical challenges and the varied workouts. It is never boring. The coaches are very encouraging and motivating.
John C
Prescott Valley
Professional, family friendly, Inspiring box of fairness!
Kevin Calia
Prescott Valley
I'm relatively new to the gym, but from day one everyone has been very nice and welcoming. The coaches are great and really breakdown each movement and prepare you for the workout. I look forward to spending more time there and getting to know everyone better.
Ed N.
Prescott Valley
CFPV really has changed my life. Not being cliche, but they have shown me how to easily incorporate fitness and healthy habits into my already crazy daily life, helping me form new habits and lifestyle choices that improve my quality of life. I’m down 30lbs, and up in strength!!
Eric T
Prescott Valley
From my first session at CFPV the coaches have made me feel welcome and a part of the gym family. The coaches are always right there to help perfect technique, modify and support.
Jessica P
Chino Valley
I have noticed my physical gain since starting . I enjoy pushing my body beyond what I only thought it was capable of .
Shyanne Enriquez
Prescott valley